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Air conditioners are highly essential appliances today. They are widely used in both residential, commercial and industrial areas. Modern air conditioners are highly sophisticated devices that come with advanced features that make them efficient. 


However, no air conditioner system is entirely self-sufficient. This means the AC system at your home or office requires regular maintenance and servicing. Moreover, due to prolonged use,  ACs can also develop various technical issues. 

Regular servicing ensures that your AC is free from all possible technical problems. Our skilled team of  technicians provides AC service Dubai, to make them free from technical issues and problems.

Issues That Team Of AC Service Dubai Deals With

Although modern AC systems are advanced and sophisticated you can face various issues with them. Here are some of the most common issues that you can come across with an AC:

What Happens When The Refrigerant Is Insufficient?

Refrigerant is the substance that your Ac system uses to keep the home or office space cool. If the system develops a leak, your system might lose this crucial refrigerant. Low refrigerant is often a common issue in many ACs. When refrigerant is low, your AC will fail to efficiently cool the space.

Ac Refrigerent pronlem
Air conditioner frozen coil issue

Why An AC Cannot Function With A Frozen Evaporator Coil?

Evaporator coils contain the refrigerant. These coils absorb the heat from the room and to do this they need warm air moving around them. Sometimes, due to leakage these coils can get cold and develop a layer of ice around them. This can totally stop the AC from functioning properly. 

Why A Leaking Duct Is Dangerous For The AC?

There are ducts that run through your walls and ceilings. These ducts bring the cooled air into the room. Sometimes, these ducts can develop holes and leaks caused by rats, mice or other insects. As a result, all the cool air ends up inside the wall and the ceiling. 

Ac Duct leaking
AC thermostat Malfunction

What Happens When A Thermostat Malfunctions?

Thermostats are devices that keep the temperature of a building or space within a particular range of temperatures. Every central AC system comes with a thermostat. At times, the thermostat can begin to malfunction. The AC will then stop taking necessary temperature instructions from the thermostat.

To smoothly fix several AC-related issues including those mentioned above you can approach us . Our team of certified technicians is capable to deal with all  AC service dubai.

Why Does your AC Needs Our Service?

Signs That Your AC Requires Immediate Maintenance

If you find the following symptoms on your AC system, it means that your AC needs immediate maintenance services: 

  • The air that is flowing out of the system is not as chilled as it used to be. The system is taking more time than before to cool the room.
  • Moisture or water is getting accumulated and collected at different places of the AC system.
  • You get to hear various types of sound coming out from the AC. These sounds include screeching, grinding and banging noises. 
  • A  foul smell is coming out of the AC system whenever you turn it on. 
  • You are receiving more than expected energy bills. 
  • Poor airflow coming from the AC.

How Do We Provide AC Service Dubai?

To avail of our AC servicing, you have to reach us either through call or through email. We will provide our AC services in the following steps:

  • Once you take an appointment from us, our technicians and experts will reach at your door-step within an hour. 
  • If the AC system needs to be installed or cleaned the team will perform the necessary actions with suitable tools and techniques.
  • In case there are any technical issues, they will make a thorough inspection of the system. After successfully diagnosing the issue, the technicians will provide suitable solutions.
Ac Maintennance Dubai


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AC Installation Dubai

AC Installation

After buying a new HVAC, the installation is mandatory as you cannot use the machine without it. We have our skilled installation team who will easily help you with this matter. No matter what size the machine is.

AC Cleaning Dubai

AC Cleaning

Dust and dirt can cover up your air conditioning machine when it is not in use. It is not at all health-friendly when you run the machine in this condition. So scheduled AC cleaning is a mandatory task.

AC Repair Dubai

AC Maintenance

While your AC is not in use, you cannot leave the machine as it is during. That is why the maintenance of the AC is a must need procedure.  Our professional maintenance team knows how to take care of the machine by perfect handling.

Ac Serviceb Dubai

AC Repair

Cleaning, maintaining and repairing is a part of ac servicing. In order to repair your AC, our skilled team will take care of each and every delicate part of the machine.

Aircon Repair Dubai

Aircon Repair

Aircon is actually an organization that manufactures air conditioning machines for home, business, and many other large organizations. For repairing Aircon air conditioning machines. All you need to do is to contact and leave the rest to us.


Split AC Repair Dubai

Split AC Repair

If you own a split AC and facing any problems, then don’t worry as we will provide the repair service to you as well. The split AC consists of both indoor and outdoor units. Our skilled expert team will look after both the sections in the air conditioning machine. 

AC Duct Cleaning Dubai

AC Duct Cleaning

Dirty air ducts in the HVAC can be harmful to your health. That is why you must take care of it at regular intervals. The harmful elements can cause serious illness to you. In order to resist all the harmful materials from entering your home via the AC, our AC cleaning team is ready to provide the cleaning services

Central AC Maintenance Dubai

Central AC Maintenance

If you own a central AC at your large home or business place, then maintaining it is very much necessary as it is an HVAC. Neglecting it will be a wrong decision as the maintenance process is very much necessary.



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