Are you planning to purchase an air conditioner, then get that before the summer arrives. But, how will you install the machine at your home? Obviously, you will need a technician who knows how to install the air conditioner that you will buy. 

On the other hand, if you have already purchased an air conditioner, then maintain it periodically. Like other machines air conditioners also require servicing. Otherwise, you will experience various problems while using your machine. These problems can take a big form if not addressed instantly. Then why not taking preventive measures beforehand. 

Remember, we at AC Technician provide installation and maintenance services for air conditioners effectively. Therefore, reach us to install or maintain your AC unit. 

Reasons to Choose Our AC Installation Dubai:

Installing an AC machine is a complicated work and calls for adequate knowledge. Moreover, it involves a lot of wiring and electrical works. So, if you try to install your machine single-handedly, then problems can occur anytime. Hence, connect with us and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Our technicians will determine the correct place for installing your AC machine. 
  • They know the safety measures that must be applied at the time of creating a connecting point for your AC. 
  • Unlike local service providers, our technicians are certified and trained in AC installation services. Thus, you won’t have to face any problem after installing your air conditioner. 
  • Moreover, we will guarantee not to cause any damage to your machine. Whereas, if you install the machine on your own, then it might stop working in the middle of hot summer nights. Hence, you will feel suffocated and won’t be able to sleep peacefully. 

Problems that You Might Encounter with Your Air Conditioner:

Proper maintenance is necessary to avoid the following issues with your AC machine:

AC Machine not Cooling

Air conditioners tend to lose their capacity and time and develop problems. Perhaps you might encounter that your AC fails to produce the desired temperature. It can also happen due to many reasons like a sinking air conditioner pad located under the heat exchange units. So, if it is in good condition, then aluminum fins on the evaporator or condenser coils are bent. As a result, the internal flow of air is restricted and you don’t get the cooling effect. Hence, get our professional support to minimize the chance of facing this issue. 

Internal Fan not Working

Air conditioners come with two built-in fans for circulating the air within the AC unit. Now, the fans’ blade might crack or break due to content usage. Thus, it would be difficult for the fans to control both the internal and external temperatures. Hence, the machine will fail to cool your room. Connect with us if you don’t want to encounter this problem. 

Bent Wiring and Components

Problems can arise with the wiring and components of your AC unit. Thus, it is essential to inspect and replace them if needed. You can also check the wiring and components but, you won’t be able to fix them. So, you can opt for our AC maintenance services in Dubai

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a useful component that helps to drain out the heat from your room. But, any leakage in the refrigerant lines can prevent the cooling of air. Thus, sufficient maintenance is necessary to fix a low refrigerant beforehand. 

Dirty Air Filters of Duct

Dirt and foreign particles settle down in the duct and air filters with time. So, if you don’t clean the duct and air filters, then the AC won’t work properly and consume more electricity. Cleaning filters and ducts are the responsibilities of technicians. Therefore, leave the work with them only. 

Get AC Installation and Maintenance Service on a Shoestring: Buzz @ 042480518

We have been able to make a position among the top AC installation companies in Dubai. Our objective is to provide guaranteed solutions and a high level of customer satisfaction. Therefore, end your search for AC installation companies in Dubai, and connect with us. Since our platform is 24*7 open, you can talk to our experts to solve any queries about AC installation Dubai. So, buzz us @ 042480518 without further hesitation. 


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