Previously most of the companies used to install air conditioners for keeping the internal environment comfortable. However, air conditioners have become compulsory for households with a constant rise in temperatures. So, if you have an AC machine, then it’s essential to maintain its condition with periodical maintenance. It might sound easier but, AC maintenance is not at all simple. Even a small mistake can cause immense damage to your expensive machine. Thus, you can avail of AC maintenance services to keep the machine functional. Connect with our AC Technician Dubai if you are looking for AC maintenance services in Dubai

Why Will You Require an AC Maintenance Dubai?

You can reach our AC maintenance company to avoid the following problems:

Bent Coil Fins

The aluminum fins on evaporator and condenser coils tend to bend very quickly. As a result, they block the internal airflow and prevent the air conditioner from producing the desired temperature. Thus, it is important to monitor the coil fins periodically. And, this can be possible with our AC maintenance company in Dubai. You might yourself attempt to unscrew the metal box and fix the fins inside. But, remember that a wrong attempt can block the airflow inside your AC machine.  

Sinking Air Conditioner Pad

When the air conditioner pad sinks, water puddles accumulate around the AC unit. Besides this, concrete pads under heat exchange units of the air conditioner settle with time. In case you don’t maintain and fix the air conditioner pad, then you won’t get the cooling effect from your machine. If the condition becomes worse, then you might have to change the air conditioner pad. Hence, you have to bear the cost of the conditioner pad. 

Fixing Wiring and Components

Problems with wiring and components can occur at any time and stop the functioning of your AC. Thus, annual maintenance is necessary to ensure that everything is in the correct condition. So, if you approach our AC maintenance company in Dubai, then our technicians will perform this work on your behalf. 

Repair or Replacement of Thermostat

The thermostat is the central functioning unit of your AC machine. If the thermostat is faulty, then your AC might trigger many issues. Fluctuations in temperature are one of the noticeable signs of a defective thermostat. Like other parts of your air conditioner, the thermostat also requires care and maintenance. In fact, it requires more attention than any other part. Otherwise, you will come across a malfunctioning thermostat. The same thing goes for a programmable thermostat as well. 

Apart from the thermostat, you must maintain the fan installed inside your AC unit. The condenser unit of the fan is responsible for circulating the internal air. The fan won’t work properly if one or more fan blade is broken. Therefore, reach our AC maintenance Dubai to check the fan. We will then replace the fan blade if cracks are visible on them. 

Get in Touch with a Reliable AC Maintenance Abu Dhabi and Dubai:

We have been quite an old and popular name in the AC maintenance industry. We deploy only those technicians who are certified and professional in their work. Since we have a 24*7 platform, you can talk to our technicians at any point in time. Moreover, we believe in providing customer satisfaction at reasonable rates. You will even get a doorstep service from our end and save your valuable time. As of now, people recognize us as one of the fastest AC maintenance services in Dubai and some other parts of the UAE. Since our service is available in Abu Dhabi, you can contact us for AC maintenance Abu Dhabi. For that, you will need to give us a call @ 042480518


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