ac repair services

Sitting in a car with faulty air conditioners is unbearable, especially during summer. When it comes to driving for long hours around the heat-wave and the AC is not blowing cool air, it’s uncomfortable and scary too. That’s why you should avail regular car servicing including AC repair services so that you need not worry…

Humidity Control

It’s not the heat, but the humidity that tends to affect your health as well as your house. Experts believe you can stay relaxed even during warm days when it remains dry. However, when the humidity rises, the situation becomes unbearable. The same rule applies for the winter season.  However, the good news is that…

clean ac unit

During Summer, your AC units play a major role to keep your house and office cool, to beat the heat. However, after extensive use of this appliance, you might encounter that it is getting difficult to maintain the cooling temperature. Like, if you have an HVAC system, then over time, the functioning might become less…


  Be it within the city or the outskirts of Dubai, and we cannot manage a single day without an air conditioner during the summer. During the mid-summer, there will be tremendous heat, and you will surely want to return to your home and wish to switch on your air conditioner to relax. However, due…

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