Be it within the city or the outskirts of Dubai, and we cannot manage a single day without an air conditioner during the summer. During the mid-summer, there will be tremendous heat, and you will surely want to return to your home and wish to switch on your air conditioner to relax.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have no other option than staying at our home. But, because of the coronavirus, everything is seen with a face of doubt, and already many people claim that your AC can spread the COVID-19.

So, now after the vegetables, shoes, and smartphones, the question is whether your cooling system can lead to coronavirus diseases or not.

Research Proves that,

As indicated by an ongoing report distributed in the Emerging Infectious Diseases, more than nine people in Chain’s Wuhan were affected by the coronavirus basically by sitting close to a cooling vent in a restaurant. A recent study also proved that the diseases were spread by one asymptomatic diner joint who sat a table before the air conditioner unit. Four people on the table tested positive along with the other five people who sat just beside them.

As per a study from the University of California, air conditioners might spread coronavirus in public places, such as gym, restaurants, and workplaces. Also, due to the air conditioners, the air flows more quickly, which eliminates the humidity. Besides, water vapour can hold more warmth, and therefore with less humidity, the room can cool down quickly. And, because of this, the air becomes dry as well as disappears. When we sneeze, talk, or breath, we drive away these pathogens. According to that study, when we sneeze we release around 30,000 droplets as well as when we cough we release around 3000 droplets.

Now, when we power on the air conditioner, the airflow from the vent can push these droplets that we release to other human bodies. And, if a coronavirus infected person is in that place, then through his/her cough or sneeze, the virus can spread among others.

However, if you are a restaurant owner and prefer to open his/her restaurant with the safety measurement, you should immediately contact the AC cleaning Dubai.

According to Experts,

Dr. William Schafiner, a virus diseases expert from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Tennessee, says that people often visit medical stores to purchase their medicine. Still, from there no positive report is coming out. However, AC is always running in the medical stores. Further, he believes restaurant staff should wear masks and sanitize their hands before serving food.

Dr. Amesh Adaija, the most senior scholar of the emerging infectious diseases at Johns Hopkins University, totally agreed with Dr. Wiliam Schafiner’s statement. Adajira added that this is a fascinating examination; however, it doesn’t appear to be illustrative of what occurs in regular circumstances with this infection. 

He says that, up until this point, the study of disease transmission truly underpins bead spread and those drops tumble to the ground inside 6 feet. This can be dangerous, but he believes the droplets can’t spread the coronavirus.

Apart from this, Dr. Amesh Adaija also mentions it clearly that the restaurant owners, homeowners, or all the other places where they wish to run the AC, they should rearrange their seating arrangements and try to make the place as less crowded. Besides, he advised that the homeowners or restaurant should regularly clean their AC with professional experts like AC Technician and avail AC cleaning Dubai services.

Should we Avoid Air Conditioners?

Lots of experts suggest that the best possible way to keep away the virus is to bring more outside air in the restaurant, homes. It means, they suggest you open the door and windows in order to bring fresh air, i.e. well-ventilated.

However, this seems impossible in commercial buildings. Therefore, what we suggest is to clean your AC unit as well as ceilings mounted boxes and take professional help. If you wish to make your home, restaurant virus-free, and run the AC as well, you can call the experts of AC Technician and book AC cleaning Dubai services. They use UV lights that don’t damage your skin but kill the virus.


In today’s technical words, people are becoming lazy, and they want all the comfort at their doorstep. No matter whether it’s a COVID-19 pandemic, the fact is people can’t spend a single day without an air conditioner.

Hence, if you wish to enjoy cold air as well as don’t want to be infected by the coronavirus, simply call AC cleaning Dubai. They visit your place with all the safety measures and always fix any problem associated with AC, within a short period of time. If you are still confused, visit the website and check the feedback.


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