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You can’t neglect the importance of the air conditioner, especially in the middle of the summer. Because, even if it is hot outside, you can enjoy the cool air from your AC. However, being an electronic device, an air conditioner can fall apart, due to lack of proper maintenance. 

Due to numerous factors, your AC might stop working. In such a condition, to make the hot weather, bearable, it is essential that you should know about the standard AC repair techniques. 

Here, we are going to discuss some common AC repairing techniques that will assist you to keep you and your family comfortable during the summer season.

Common Air Conditioner Repairing Tips for the Homeowners

If your surrounding is dusty and the area frequently has dust storms, then it becomes more than essential to keep the AC well maintained. As it is said, precaution is better than cure. But, at the same time, you must be well-equipped with specific plans and ways to help you cope with a random AC glitch. Furthermore, you can also seek assistance from AC Technician for prompt action.

In case, AC Isn’t Cooling Properly

If you encounter that the air conditioner unit is running and still it is unable to produce cold air, you should first search for the clogged condensate drain. Try to replace the filters as well as clean the drain.

Ensure that there is enough refrigerant in the air conditioner. Also, you should turn off the AC for some time. In case you use a central AC unit and some portions of your house are warmer than others, then don’t try to fix it on your own and call a professional.

If the Air Conditioner Unit is not Turning On

This is one of the most common issues encountered by homeowners. Most of the time, issues with the thermostat or faulty power supply can lead to this flaw. To fix this problem, you have to inspect the thermostat and power supply.


  • Power Supply Failure


If due to the faulty power supply, your AC unit is not turning on, then at first, inspect the breaker located in the power box. Besides, check all the nearby outlets and make sure that it’s not an electric issue. Remember, before checking the wiring-related issues, you must switch the power unit. Otherwise, you can also take help from the AC Technician team, who have proficient electricians and AC experts.

Now, if the electricity is working fine and still the AC unit is not working, then due to a faulty motor, the issue might arise. However, it doesn’t mean you have to change the entire system. Simply, a motor replacement can fix the issue.


  • Check the Thermostat


In case, your AC unit is not turning on, a faulty or damaged thermostat can be the culprit. If you encounter that the thermostat is in bad condition, try to turn on your air conditioner from the central unit. In case, the AC is turned on normally, it means there is a problem with the thermostat. In such a circumstance, just replace the thermostat with a new one and then re-establish the connection.

Limited Air Flow from the Resisters

Basically, due to the dirty filter or duct issue, you might have to deal with this problem. To overcome the situation, take a look below.


  • Ductwork Issue


In the ducts, dampers are the essential valves, and if they get partially closed or totally closed, you might experience unsteady airflow. In such a situation, you should open the utility room and search for the central HVAC plenum.  

Here, you should see a brunch of ducts. These are the dampers of the system. Ensure that they are all in the ON position. However, in case not, it means dampers are closed. Just flip the lever. This will open the duct as well as increase the airflow.

Leaking air ducts are also responsible for this weak airflow. In such a case, you must inspect the leaky duct. Don’t try to fix it on your own and call a professional expert to seal the leak from AC Technician. 


  • Check the Dirty Filter


If the filter becomes dirty or clogged, then airflow might stop. Keep in mind; you must change the air filter once in a month. Hence, if you are not changing the filter for a couple of months, you must replace the air filter immediately. Else, they will be so dirty that the air will not be able to get through the filter.

Air Conditioner Blowing Out Hot Air

Numerous factors can be responsible for this annoying problem. To fix the problem, replace the thermostat if it’s the culprit. A digital thermostat can be a good option for you. As said earlier, you have to replace the air filter once a month. Else, the air conditioner might stop working or produce hot air. So, you are advised to change the air filter. Besides, disconnect the power cable and then clean the condenser coils with clean water. Also, check the coolant and if it’s insufficient.

AC Fan Stop Working

If your air conditioner fan stop working, you can perform the following activities:

  • Check if anything is restricting the unit from getting power—for example, wiring problems as well as tripped switches.
  • Press the Switch button and wait for a moment.
  • Turn off your system and unplug it from the power source. After that, remove dust from the fan and manually spin the blades.

However, if nothing happens, then the capacitor can be the culprit. Hence, you are advised to replace the capacitor with a new one.


It is always advised to overlook the signs and indications that you AC is not working at its optimum level. So, join with AC Technician and avail premium AC servicing at least once in 6 months. This ensures that you do not have to bear extra repair expenses.

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