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Like any other applications, AC needs special attention so you can get optimal performance. And, if you haven’t kept the air conditioner well maintained, there’s a huge chance for AC failure possibilities. 

To ensure that you do not lose the cold temperature during the hot days, professionals of the AC service Dubai can help to detect the root causes of the air conditioner failure. Here, our experts highlighted the most common culprits for the issue. And obviously, it comes with easy and effective tactics that you can try to dismiss the air conditioner failure possibility. 

When Air Conditioner Failure Possibility Occurs?

Have you ever spent a summer in Dubai? If yes, then surely know the importance of an AC. However, AC failure can occur at any time. Therefore, professionals associated with the AC service Dubai, suggest you understand the most common causes for which AC failure occurs. Apart from this, here are some easy tactics to deal with the situation.

  • Low Refrigerant

Refrigerants can remove humidity and heat from your home or office and keep your place cool. Now, in case, the AC unit develops a leak in the refrigerant lines, then you might end up with hot air. It’s also suggested that if the AC failure situation occurs due to the low refrigerant, then do not try to fix the issue on your own and call a professional expert. 

  • Dirty Condenser Coils

Condensers coils are an integral part of the outdoor unit which is used to remove humidity from the building. If you haven’t cleaned the condenser coils for a long time, then dust and dirt will gradually accumulate. And, as a result, it will stop working. When it happens, it will be difficult for the AC unit to work properly.

  • Fan Issues

Hope, you know, a fan is located over the unit’s evaporator coil to cool the air. Apart from this, another fan is used over the outdoor unit’s condenser that removes the heat from the room. Now, if the fan motor gets affected, the fans will stop running and the system can fail. Also, lack of lubrication or dirt and dust can be responsible for the AC system failure. 

  • Leaking Ducts

AC ducts are basically located on your walls and ceiling carries. However, due to rodents or careless workers, the ducts break, then obviously the air conditioner unit will stop responding. Besides, leaking ducts can definitely raise your monthly energy bill. 

Way to Eliminate the possibility of Air Conditioner Failure

Experiencing issues with AC in the middle of the summer days can tremendously affect your health and lead to long sleepless nights. With regular cleaning, you can definitely reduce the risks, however here the experts associated with the AC service Dubai provide some other useful strategies as well.

  • Inspect the AC Filter

A dirty filter can reduce your AC unit’s performance. If you encounter a dirty filter, experts advise you to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and then replace or clean the filter. However, if this situation occurs, then stay on the safe side and call a professional expert. Apart from this, it’s highly recommended changing the AC filter every three months. However, one easy way out that you can do is to clean the seasonal tune-up that measures the airflow.

  • Check the Thermostat Settings

If the AC failure situation occurs, then you must see the thermostat setting. Sometimes, by mistake, you might set the thermostat settings to an incorrect setting. However, if it’s working, then you are advised to check the cleanliness of the interior part of the thermostat. And make sure that the thermostat is not directly facing the sunlight. Now, if you notice incorrect settings, then this can be a calibration issue. In this situation, you have to recalibrate the thermostat.

  • Thoroughly see the Refrigerant Levels

As we have mentioned earlier, due to a leak in the refrigeration level, an AC failure situation might occur. To deal with the situation, first, identify the leaking spot. Keep in mind, repairing the refrigerant leak will be based on its location. And, if you encounter a leak in the refrigerant level, immediately hire a professional technician. 

  • Check the Wiring

If your AC unit stops producing cold air, then the fan on the outside unit might have stopped working. In this situation, inspect the breaker box. Afterwards, simply move the tripped switch to the off position. After some time, turn it on. However, if the air conditioner is not working properly, then there might be a problem with the electrical and wirings. Remember that damaged wiring can lead to an outbreak of fire. Therefore, if you believe the AC unit has stopped working due to the damaged wires and electrical, be sure to get in touch with the professionals.


AC is something that provides us with comfort on the extremely hot days. So, these were the common causes and solutions for AC failure. However, sometimes an emergency situation might occur and at that moment you must call a professional expert. Hence, simply join with AC Technician and get all your problems solved.


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