ac repair service

ac repair service

If our cooling system is not working properly during the unbearable hot days, we all know how uncomfortable the situation will be. AC’s ducts are responsible to impart cold air within your house, as well as continuously render cooling to each and every corner of your home. Also, with a regular AC duct cleaning, you can add years to the lifecycle to your system.

However, sometimes due to various reasons, you might find leaks on the AC ducts. When you encounter them, the first thing that will come to your mind is to call a reliable service provider such as AC repair services in Dubai. 

But, along with that, these are some basic tips that you can apply to deal with your problem.

What Causes Leaky Ducts?

As we said earlier, multiple reasons can be responsible for the leaky ducts. However, most of the time, because of the ductwork material, this issue arises. Nowadays, most of the air ducts are made from metal sheets, but you also get plastic or fibreglass material. And, when the material gets weaker, duct leak can occur. 

Apart from this, these are some common root causes of leaky ducts, such as:

  • Mismatch setting of the house’s foundation
  • Damage from structural work to the house
  • Improper installation of the original ducts
  • Deterioration of the ductwork
  • Cracking of the sealing material

These are the common causes of leaky ducts. Also, if you haven’t used them for a long time, then this will surely raise your monthly energy bill. In this situation, you must search for a reliable AC duct cleaning service like AC repair services in Dubai in order to run the AC ducts smoothly.

Effects of Leaky Ducts

Now, you have already got an idea about the causes for which your AC ducts have become leaky, it’s time to a look of the consequences of the leaky duct:

Utility Bills Will be Increased

If there’s a duct leak in your air conditioner unit, it will be harder for the system to work properly. Also, in order to maintain the required temperature, you have to turn on your AC for a long time which will definitely raise the electricity consumption. As a result, the utility bills will be increased.

Bad Air Quality

If your system has a leaky duct, dust and debris can get stuck over it. And, this debris and dust can spread to your entire house. Due to the dirty air, you and your family members might suffer from several diseases such as allergies and asthma. 

Clogged Filters

As said earlier, because of a leaky duct, dirt and debris can be stuck on your air conditioner. Further, this will totally clog the air filters. Moreover, the leaky duct will reduce the air quality and because of this, sooner the air filter gets dirty and you have to call the AC repair service provider in order to replace them.

Inconsistent Cooling

When there is any leakage in the AC ducts, your air conditioner will work inefficiently. As a result, some rooms and places in your home will be cooler than the others. Apart from this, if you continuously run your system with a leaky duct, then no matter how old your air conditioner is, this will require more repair and maintenance. So, you have to hire technicians numerous times and this will surely require a lot of money.

How To Identify a Leaky Duct?

At first, you must find out the source to stop the leak. Now, if your home has a removable tile ceiling, then first take out the tiles and then inspect the ductwork. Check the connection at joints, whether they are loose, tangled, or crushed, that can be the most common causes of the leak.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t noticed any of these signs, then to locate the problematic area, you must use the smoke test. 

Turn back your air conditioner to the fan setting. After that, from the fuel over the unsealed ducts, you need to pass the smoke. Check the connection of the joints. In case, the smoke is driven away from the joint of the two ducts, it indicates that you are suffering from duct leakage.

Tips to Fix the Leaky Ducts

Once you have identified the leak location, then simply call the experts associated with AC repair services in Dubai. Also, the experts provide some basic tactics that you can apply.

Seal the Joints

Your first duty is to seal any loose connections, leaky joints, or loose connections with metal duct tape or duct mastic sealant. These duct tape or mastic sealant that provides the sealing strength that you might require, as well as these are long-lasting.

Check the Vents

Then, you have to thoroughly check the vents and registers. Are they connected well? However, if not, you must seal the gaps between the register connections and duct system. Also, tighten the vents of the walls. This will help you to efficiently run the system, as well as minimize the duct leakage chances.

Insulate the AC Ductwork

If possible, then always ensure that the ductwork is insulated. Especially, if you are using the AC in certain areas, such as the garage and attic. Apart from this, if you insulate the AC ducts, then it will surely eliminate the air escaping possibilities, as well as offer you better efficiency and save your lots of money.


In case, the above-mentioned tactics fail to fix the leaky duct problem or you feel uncomfortable applying them, find an AC duct cleaning service near your location. AC repair services in Dubai provides a comprehensive solution for HVAC, as well as ductwork services. Also, experts can repair duct leaks from smaller to big areas. So, join with  AC Technician and book a repair service.


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