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The air conditioning unit at your home suffers more than you think. And, excess heat, humidity, and debris can ruin the performance measures of the AC unit. Consequently, you might encounter higher electrical consumption, annually. On the other hand, the air conditioner might be struggling due to mould growth or other mechanical injuries.

As a homeowner, you might be looking for efficient AC maintenance tips that would keep the entire HVAC system healthy. And, it would expand the life expectancy of the appliances. Saving on the electricity bills is another perk, as well. So, let’s dive into some essential maintenance tips for your AC and HVAC system for a healthy and mess-free lifestyle.

  • Keep the Vents Free

The air conditioning unit might reflect loud noises, increased electricity bills and condensation of water droplets on the body. Then, it’s high time to swing into AC maintenance tips without any delay. Start with unblocking the vents. Clean the debris around the AC vents. 

Moreover, make sure that any toy, furniture or anything else doesn’t block the vents, at all. When you are considering the AC vents of the ceiling and the floors, then you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and pet hairs over there. Otherwise, professional duct cleaning would be a worthy choice for AC maintenance.

  • Replace the Air Filters

The air filters at the AC vents can easily attract dust, dirt and debris. If cleaning the AC vents doesn’t improve the quality of the airflow and the temperature, then it’s time to change the air filters. AC repair experts of AC Technician suggest changing the air filters within three months.

Otherwise, it can worsen the experience with your air conditioning unit. The air conditioner has to work harder in pushing the cold air in different rooms. And, it would require more energy than estimated. Additionally, inhaling dusty and musty air is not good for your health. Hence, replace the air filters whenever you feel the indoor air is quite dusty.

  • Keep the Thermostat Settings at Little Warmer Temperature 

This AC maintenance tip might sound weird when we all know that the duty of an AC is to keep the home cool. And, we are telling you to set higher temperatures on the thermostat. However, you need not necessarily feel chilling all the time. Keep your household premises comfortable at a moderate temperature.

Additionally, it would stress your air conditioning unit less. Because your AC need not use extra energy to make the surroundings cooler than required. So, start adjusting the thermostat within a range of five to seven degrees warmer. And, check if the temperature is worth the survival or not. 

Otherwise, opt for a programmable thermostat that can efficiently maintain the temperature of the entire house. You need not worry about adjusting the thermostat even when you are not at home. 

  • Keep a Safe Distance between the Thermostat and Other Appliances

Any electrical appliance can generate heat; for example, a lamp can produce enough heat. On the other hand, such heat can affect the thermostat and it can deteriorate the functionalities of the air conditioning unit.

Basically, the heat would instruct the thermostat to increase the temperature as it feels warmer. And, when the thermostat tells the AC unit to cool down the atmosphere more, it is costing more energy. So, keep away such heat-generating appliances from the thermostat. Moreover, your AC doesn’t have to struggle more than required.

  • Inspect the Outdoor Condenser Area

Your air conditioner might have lost its extreme performance level if the outdoor components aren’t functioning properly. And, the outdoor condenser section of the air conditioner should be included under the AC maintenance tips. Dirt, dust, debris and twigs can block the condenser unit.

Therefore, take care of the outside condenser area. Clean out all those accumulated debris. Additionally, trim the plants and bushes near the outdoor condenser unit. According to AC Technician experts, the condenser unit should be cleaned at least twice every year.

  • Keep Windows and Door Closed

Don’t let the conditioned air escape through the doors and windows. Keep the doors and windows closed when the air conditioner is in use. The air conditioner is designed to cool down your home; not the entire neighbourhood. 

The air conditioner would certainly feel the stress if it has to cool down and condition the air of an unlimited boundary. Such instances can hit the air conditioner efficiencies hard. So, close the doors and windows. On the other hand, you can close the curtain and blinds, as well. Don’t forget to shut down doors and windows before you leave your home for several hours.

  • Maintain the Cleanliness of the Drain Line

The functionality of the drain line of the air conditioner is to check the moisture level of the condenser. But, the absorption of moisture can result in mould formation in the drain line. As a consequence, the air conditioner can’t effectively reduce the humidity of your home.

Additionally, it can lead to fading colours of carpets, rugs and walls. Hence, you have to clean the drain line. One cup of bleach would be enough for the cleaning. Flush out the bleach through the drain line. If it requires no bleach cleaning, then a vacuum cleaning would do the trick. And, you would get rid of the musty smell.

Don’t Forget to Opt for Professional AC Maintenance 

Though you are handling your air conditioner with suitable AC maintenance tips nothing would be better than an expert intervention. Avail professional AC maintenance from AC Technician for a properly functioning HVAC system. Bid goodbye to air conditioner hassles, forever!


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