Jumeriah Lake Towers AC repair

Get Our Assistance For Best AC Maintenance Jumeirah Lakes Towers

Jumeirah Lakes Towers is a group of 80 towers located beside three artificial lakes viz, Lake Almas West, Lake Almas East, JLT Lake. The entire place is a huge structure for mixed-use freehold development. In a place that huge, people tend to encounter ac problems every now and then. This calls for an efficient ac repair Jumeirah lakes towers and ac maintenance Jumeirah lakes towers respectively.For such conditions, you can consult us. As we are a group of notable technicians who have been outstanding in fixing ac problems. Our past customer history is pretty satisfactory and hopefully, we will provide you with the same. But before that, take a look into the services we provide. 


Do You Think Your AC is Low On Refrigerant?

When an ac gets low on refrigerant you will be able to see frosting throughout the indoor coils. Usually, an ac gets low on refrigerant when there is any leakage within the compressor or line. There will be no dripping but mere frosting when the refrigerant starts leaking. Our technicians will make sure to monitor the cause of this problem and fix it accordingly. They will also make sure that you stay away from such instances as they are known for providing ac maintenance Duva

Does Your Air Conditioner Blow Hot Air?

What can be more irritating than an air conditioner that starts blowing hot air? That too, in this scorching heat, when an air conditioner is an important thing.An ac can produce hot air if there is any problem with the compressor or if there is low refrigerant inside the machine. Other than that, it can produce hot air if the duct broke or got disconnected.No matter what, our technicians will inspect the problem and provide you fix for it. They will also grant you ac duct cleaning Jumeirah golf estate if required. 

Is Your Air Conditioner Compressor Not Running?

Any compressor related issue in the ac can be serious and must be fixed immediately. That’s because compressor breaks can affect the performance of the machine. The main cause behind its improper running can be a defective capacitor. Our ac technicians are skilled enough to provide you relief from such conditions. They will look at the problem that is generating a faulty compressor and fix it accordingly. Also, they will check for any other problem that is affecting your ac performance.

Does Your Air Conditioner Never Turn Off?

When an air conditioner stops turning off, you may lose money to pay those extra bills. The main problem for such condition can be any problem related to the thermostat. If the thermostat resets or has an incorrect setting, the ac would stop turning off. Besides, the condition can also occur due to any stuck relay. However, regardless of its problem, it is important to get it fixed. Our ac technicians will check the thermostat and fix the issue related to it. They will further check for any stuck relay and provide assistance accordingly. 

Is Your Air Conditioner Making a Strange Noise?

Strange noises from an air conditioner can be caused due to various scenarios. The sound is more like a clicking, buzzing or clanking like. Usually, such scenarios call for an immediate ac cleaning Jumeirah Lake Towers. That’s because it can be anything from a leaky refrigerant to lose ac parts. With our assistance, you can get technicians who will tighten the loose parts and fix the main cause behind this problem. They will further inspect for any kind of damage inside the machine.