Split AC Installation Dubai: Get AC Installation And Repairing Services Under One Roof

AC is no longer a fascination but has become a necessity instead. Air conditioners have made it possible to bear the scorching heat of Dubai. No matter whether you are at work or relaxing at home, AC is a must. Since AC is an expensive electrical appliance, its installation is complicated as well. 

Split AC is an advanced form of air conditioners that consume less energy and offer better facilities. After installing the AC, periodical maintenance is essential to restore the smooth performance. Maintenance is equally important for split air conditioners. You might experience issues if you don’t maintain your AC. 

Thus, you will need AC repair services to fix emerging issues. Connect with our AC Technician team if you are looking for Split AC installation Dubai or split AC repair and services in Dubai. 

Our Split AC Repair and Services Dubai Cover:

Take a look at the various split AC repair services that you can expect from our team:

  • Fixing a sinking air conditioner pad
  • Cleaning in-line air duct booster
  • Replacing the thermostat with a programmable one
  • Repairing wiring and components
  • Fixing a low refrigerant
  • Repair of Frozen evaporator coils
  • Clogged drains or leaking ducts

Reasons to Choose Our Split AC Installation, Repair, and Services Dubai:

Perhaps the old AC is no longer performing at its best and thus, you need a new one that is energy efficient. So, connect with Actechnician.ae for split AC service Dubai, or Split AC repair Dubai. We have occupied a leading place in the industry due to the following reasons:

Affordable Service

We charge reasonable prices for installing split air conditioners at the customer’s place. We don’t charge any price if our experts fail to fix the problem in your machine. 

When it comes to replacement, we sell genuine parts at their original price. Thus, you won’t have to burn your pocket for repairing your AC. 

Round the Clock Availability

One of our experts is always available to listen to your problems and provide an instant solution. Thus, you have the option to discuss your problem in your free time with our experts. 

Fastest Support

As soon as we receive service requests, we send the details to our AC Technicians and send them to your place at the said time. We don’t want our customers to bear the scorching heat of Dubai. 

Guaranteed Service

Regardless of whether you are installing, maintaining, or repairing your AC, there will be guaranteed services. You can’t guarantee the service if you install your AC with a local service provider. You will have a free service for problems arising during the guaranteed period. 

Get in Touch with us for Split AC Installation, Repair, and Services Dubai

Long years of experience have helped us to reach this position in Dubai. People trust us when it comes to split AC installation Dubai. We have earned a huge reputation in providing split AC service Dubai or split AC repair Dubai. We have been successful in satisfying our customers with our services.

The machine won’t work or give the right temperature if something goes wrong with the installation. Moreover, the wrong installation can be fatal in some cases. For instance, it might lead to shortcircuits and affect other electrical appliances. Till now, none of our customers have to face such issues. Since have a wide customer base, you need to register your service request as soon as possible. 

So, buzz us at our Helpline Number 042480518  for split AC installation Dubai or split AC repair and services.