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During the winter season, we are not dependent on the air conditioner, when compared to the unbearable summer. Hence, we don’t notice the small breakdowns of the machine. Also, we turn on the AC as soon as the summer starts and forget that it also requires servicing but starting its heavy-duty. This is when we encounter that the air conditioner has stopped working.

Besides, when the warm days start knocking, most of the dealers increase their selling prices as well as the repairing cost also extends. Thus, this is another effective reason that you must repair or replace your AC during the winter season.

Apart from this, professionals associated with AC repair services in Dubai come with some root causes that will surely make you understand the importance of repairing or replacing your AC during the cold days.

Signs that Indicates you Need to Immediately Replace your AC

According to the experts of the AC repair services in Dubai, if your air conditioner gets too old, then sometimes maintenance is not sufficient to run it. Our professionals suggest that if you are using your AC for more than 15 years, then you must purchase a new AC in the winter season.

Apart from this, these are the three factors that will help you to understand and consider, it’s the time you must buy a new air conditioner.

You Need to Call Professionals Multiple Time

In case, you are dealing with continuous problems with your AC unit, as well as already spend lots of money to repair it, then you must replace it now. So, we advise you to relax and think about how much time your air conditioner fails and what amount of money you should have spent on maintenance, last year. This way, you will get a better idea and you will surely opt for buying a new AC.

Air Conditioner is getting Inefficient

In case, your air conditioner is not hot or cool enough anymore, then you might face a huge problem during the winter season. As you might wish to increase the temperature but unable to do so. 

Apart from this, lower energy efficiency can increase your monthly electricity bills. In this situation, experts of the AC repair services in Dubai, first, advise you to repair your AC. However, if still, nothing happens, you are strongly advised to replace your air conditioner.

Air Conditioner is getting Noisy

If you use the AC unit for more than a decade, then the internal part becomes damaged and due to this, you might hear unwanted noise from the unit. In case the noise reaches an unbearable point, it’s a clear indication that you must purchase a new air conditioner.

Replace the Components before Replacing the Whole AC

Experts believe that if you have a tight budget, then before purchasing a new AC try to replace some of its parts. After that, check if your AC is working properly. If not, then you don’t have any other option other than buying a new air conditioner.

Replace the air filter

Replacing the air filter during the summer season is cost-effective. Also, for better performance, you need to replace the air filter every three months. Hence, we suggest you replace the air filter in the winter season, as you can buy new filters at a minimal cost. Also, on the hot days, you will enjoy the cold air.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

As we said earlier that in the winter season, we rarely use our air conditioner. Hence, there’s a great possibility that dust gathers over the AC outdoor unit. During the hot summer days, especially in Dubai, you have to always turn on your AC. Therefore, it’s always better to inspect the outdoor unit of the AC during the cold days and clean them thoroughly to improve the airflow and efficiency.

Inspect the Insulation

On the back of the AC unit, you will see coolant lines that are connected to the house. These coolant lines must have insulation on them. Now, if you notice that the insulation is cracked or missing, you must call an expert to repair or replace it. Doing so in the winter season will surely be beneficial for you, as they will charge a reasonable amount.

Advantages of Winter Purchasing

When it comes to buying a cooling system such as AC, winter is considered off-season. Hence, purchasing an AC in the winter season will provide you with the given benefits.

  • In off-seasons, professional contractors offer different types of discounts and special offers. This is the most important aspect for which we always advise you to replace your AC in the winter season.
  • Besides, during the winter season, you will get the time to select the AC that can fulfil all your needs. Therefore, when the summer season starts you will be perfectly prepared.
  • In case, you buy a new AC in the winter season, you will get an AC that works for both summer and winter.


Replacing your AC will be the best solution in the long run. And, if you purchase a new air condition during the cold days, you need to spend a very low price. Have you decided to replace your old AC?  Seek help from the AC Technician, who renders premium AC repair services.

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