Dubai Marina AC Maintenance

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Dubai Marina is clearly one of the most renowned places in Dubai. The area is surrounded by skyscrapers, hotels, restaurants, malls and a beautiful jack.There is no doubt that each place is secured with proper air conditioning for people’s comfort. And any ac problem can ruin the holiday mood big time. However, we are here for the rescue. That’s because our organization is known for providing the most reliable and genuine ac repair Dubai Marina so that nobody encounters any problem. Besides, we are also famous for ac maintenance Dubai Marina so that you do not have to face these glitches randomly. Let’s see what we have got.


Is Your AC Unit Leaking?

An ac unit starts leaking if there is an accumulation of dirt or debris inside the drain line. Thus, it is required for the unit to get cleaned properly or else the leak can increase with time. This can further result in rupture of pipe.It can also occur due to conditions like a damaged coil, clogged or rusted drain pan, disconnected drain line, etc.For such problems, we provide the best ac cleaning Dubai Marina. Our technicians will reach you with immediate help and fix the cause of such a problem.

Did Your Air Conditioner Start Blowing Hot Air Suddenly?

Any problem with the compressor or a broken duct may provoke your air conditioner to blow hot air from it. This problem should be fixed immediately as an ac blowing hot air can be irritating in the long term. Thus, with our technician assistance, the fault compressor will be fixed to retrieve the cool air of the ac. Also, if the problem is occurred due to duct issues, then we can help you with that as well. This is because we are known for best ac duct cleaning Dubai Marina.

Are You Getting Any Unusual Odour From the Ac Unit?

AC unit produces unusual odour due to excessive dirt accumulation or any trapped dead animal. This unusual odour from the ac unit needs proper cleaning to the earliest. You can get that by choosing our ac service Dubai Marina.Whatever is causing the issue will be eliminated by our technicians to get rid of the bad odour. We are known for best ac maintenance Dubai and hopefully, you will get the same outcome if you opt for us.

Is Your Air Conditioner Not Cooling Your Place?

Any defect in the compressor can affect the cooling of the air conditioner. That’s because an ac compressor is known for compressing the refrigerant. This refrigerant then moves through the evaporator and condenser coils to provide us with a proper cooling effect. Any problem with the condenser can affect the cooling cycle.For such cases, you will get assistance to fix the compressor so that the cooling effect of the air conditioner can be retrieved. This will further help in the better performance of a machine.

Did Your Air Conditioner Went Low On Refrigerant?

When an air conditioner is low on refrigerant, it can freeze the evaporator coil. Thus, the refrigerant is an important entity when it comes to air conditioner performance. Mostly, the refrigerant gets low due to any kind of leakage. However, our technicians will take care of the situation by checking for any such leakage and fixing it eventually. All the tools used by us are outstanding in quality so that the entire work can be executed without any problem as such. For more such services, you can reach us anytime.