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Sitting in a car with faulty air conditioners is unbearable, especially during summer. When it comes to driving for long hours around the heat-wave and the AC is not blowing cool air, it’s uncomfortable and scary too. That’s why you should avail regular car servicing including AC repair services so that you need not worry about venturing into a long drive through the desert.

However, if you can notice the signs of your car AC not working or blowing mildew air, then you shouldn’t wait. Avail car AC service and forget the stress of facing a sudden breakdown in between your journey. 

6 Reasons behind Car Air Conditioner Unit Malfunction

The main responsibility of a car AC component is to keep you all-day fresh and active. Because unnecessary tiredness can distract your mind from driving. So, availing a working AC is a kind of safety measure, too. Here’s why car AC fails from time to time.

  • Blocked Condenser

If the condenser accumulates any debris or dust from the road, then it can get blocked. And, when the condenser gets blocked, it can’t pass cool air. The responsibility of the condenser is to convert the passing hot coolant into cool air. Consequently, the AC has to work with the hot refrigerant and you will experience only hot air. 

The condenser of the entire car AC unit resides at the front side of the vehicle. If you doubt that anything has blocked the condenser, then you can easily check. In case, the debris is visible, then remove the debris and check if the AC starts working properly.

  • Leaking Coolant

It’s a random cause for the car AC blowing hot air. Once the AC is leaking refrigerant, the air conditioner lacks its main working substance. Eventually, it fails to deliver cool air. On the other hand, it’s quite tricky to solve the issue, as you can’t exactly say where the refrigerant has started leaking. Grab AC repair services for a guaranteed solution.

  • Non-Cooperating Fans

Cooling fans are attached to the AC unit so that it can draw cool air to reduce the temperature of the condenser. If the fans fail to work, then the condenser starts getting hotter and it can affect the performance of the air conditioner. Avail a car inspection to figure out what’s the deal with the fans. Even, debris from roads can accumulate on the cooling fans and the fans can receive cracks, as well. Thus, you need to replace the cooling fans. 

  • Broken Condenser

In case, you are looking for the glitches in your car AC and you can’t find anything suspicious, then the condenser might have broken down. It’s usual that the condenser clashes with debris while you drive the car. And, it can damage any part of the condenser. So, while inspecting the car if you observe any signs of puncture on the condenser, then you should avail AC repair services for an instant fix.

  • Compressor Issues

How can you forget the compressor when it comes to AC failure in cars? The compressor regulates the AC activities all the time. If you’re using the car for a long period without availing car servicing, then compressor issues are inevitable. Alternatively, the compressor can go dormant after the winter season. You can run the AC in its full capacity for at least twenty minutes, within three to four weeks. If you think that the compressor can’t run any more, then you have to replace the compressor unit.

  • Wire Complications

The air conditioner is incomplete without electricity or electrical components. And, any glitch within the wiring system associated with the car AC can ruin the AC mechanism. If any wire goes broken or damaged, then the AC might not start at all. Hire services from AC Technician for the full-diagnosis of the AC system of the car.

Moreover, if you feel that the air conditioner blows hot air with a pungent or musty smell, then you should consider prompt AC services. On the other hand, if you are facing difficulty with switching the AC unit on and off, then obviously something is fishy. Make sure that you don’t delay calling in AC experts to combat the air conditioning issues with your car.

Cars Affected by Air Conditioning Issues

When you are interested to invest in a brand-new car, then you look for the best mileage and fuel efficiency. However, you shouldn’t overlook the air conditioning features and history of several cars that are on the trending list. We have mentioned some of the problematic cars that experienced AC issues very early than supposed to be:

  • The 2016 model of Mazda CX-3. This model is acclaimed for facing severe AC problems when the mileage was in between 22000 and 49000.
  • Next car is from Chevrolet and the model is Traverse 2015. It encountered issues with its air conditioning unit within the mileage from 2500 to 55000.
  • GMC Acadia of 2012 and later models are getting affected from the mileage of 45000 to 85000.
  • Additionally, the Ford Mustang series from 2015 and 2016 faced the same issues within the mileage between 16000 and 34000.
  • Hyundai Santa Fe (2013), Volkswagen Jetta (2012) and Tesla Model X (2016) are other names that are worth mentioning. 

So, check out the history and performance levels of the car that you are going to buy. Otherwise, you may remorse your decision.


You should avail AC repair services, as well as maintenance services, for your car. It’s better to hire car servicing at least twice per year. For any kind of support and assistance for air conditioning units, contact AC Technician.


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